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Testimonials for Michael Kelly Buyers Agent Sydney

Michael Kelly
Ben Doyle Property Purchase Testimonial
Ben Doyle Property Purchase Testimonial

Ben Doyle Property Purchase Testimonial

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Testimonial from Suzanne Skillen

Testimonial from Suzanne Skillen

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Client  Positive Cash Flow Property Portfolio.

Client Positive Cash Flow Property Portfolio.

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Natalie Cook Beach Volley Ball Property Purchases

Natalie Cook Beach Volley Ball Property Purchases

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Geoff Sartori Testimonial for Michael Kelly Buyers Agent Sydney

Geoff Sartori Testimonial for Michael Kelly Buyers Agent Sydney

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Testimonial Evan Balafas

Testimonial Evan Balafas

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Testimonial from Adam Smith Property Purchase.

Testimonial from Adam Smith Property Purchase.

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Testimonial from Jens Groverman.

Testimonial from Jens Groverman.

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Testimonial from Raelene and Scott.

Testimonial from Raelene and Scott.

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I was negatively geared by $10,000 dollars a month and I felt like I was drowning financially. I had a strategy session with Michael and within 11 months of working with Michael I know have a positive cash flow property portfolio earning me approximately $4,000 a month.That is a whopping $168,000 dollar turn around in just under a year.
I highly recommend you read Michael's book " How to safely own 5 properties in 10 years and retire." and then work with Michael with his positive cash flow strategy and Michael will change your life just like he did for me.


- Natalie Cook

Olympic Gold Medalist

I was referred to Michael by my mortgage broker and was very grateful to have his support in purchasing my next investment property. Michael is so approachable and personable, while also being extremely professional. From the outset he really took the time to understand my goals and requirements for the purchase and he took the time to talk through and help de-scramble the many thoughts I had around the right plan for the way forward in this crazy property market. 
Michael helped me to access an off-market off the plan opportunity that was perfect for what I was looking for in Brisbane. He was extremely patient with the many questions that I had along the process and did everything possible to support me from start to finish to get the answers I needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael for your next purchase. He is a pleasure to work with and really helps get the best result while also taking the pressure off what can be a very stressful process!” 


- Belinda Hughes

unnamed (2).jpg
It was no coincidence meeting Michael Kelly all the planets aligned a real “meant to be” meeting. Having never bought a property previously I really needed someone I could trust to guide me.
From the very beginning I felt Michael showed absolute integrity. He is a man of his word and someone I could trust. I bought off the plan, which meant my relationship with Michael was going to be longer than a turnkey sale. In the last two and half years Michael has been there for every question I presented, his response was always prompt, an excellent communicator.
As a first home buyer the highlight of this experience was having Michael as my buyers agent, he is nothing short of brilliant and his knowledge on property meant a very beneficial purchase for me.
Thanks Michael for everything.


- Sunday Lucia
Sunday Lucia.jpeg
I met Michael at an open house, at this point I'd been searching for an apartment for about a month. We chatted about what he did for his clients and my requirements.
It was a perfect solution that I hadn't previously considered to be an option as Michael was able to become my eyes and ears - particularly as my job commitments and hours often prevented me from attending open houses. He understood my key requirements and showed me properties that matched, while giving honest advice and guidance.

Michael took care of everything, including recommending a solicitor and strata inspector; as well as going to auction and bidding for me (a process I did not want to do and I was able to be involved in via phone from work). He blew the other bidders out of the ball park and Michael got the apartment for $90,000 less than my budget.
I couldn't recommend Michael more.


- Dr Ilma Khan
Dr Ilma Khan.png
We have known Michael Kelly for over 6 years now. During that time he has purchased 3 investment properties in Sydney and Brisbane for us.
Each purchase has been extremely profitable for us. Michael makes the experience of property investing easy and simple. We both highly recommend him.

 - Suzanne and Paul 
Suzanne and Paul.jpg
We thoroughly enjoyed working with Michael Kelly whilst we are living in Singapore. We will do so again with absolute confidence when we buy our next investment property. Over the period of 2.5 years while our off the plan apartment in Brisbane was being built, Michael kept us up to date and well informed throughout every stage of the process. Michael also made himself available, if it was to answer any questions we had, or send us any information we had requested.

Whether via phone or email, Michael truly does offer an end-to-end service and made us feel relaxed and at ease right from the start before a brick was laid, and up and until completion and settlement. Our investment property purchase was profitable and is returning a great rental income and I would not hesitate in recommending Michael to anyone looking to invest in a property, multiple properties, to review an existing property portfolio, or to design and structure a new property investment portfolio which suits your personal situation like Michael did for us.

- Paul and Deana 
Paul and Deana Candelori.png
Michael Kelly came highly recommended and was given a challenge to find us an apartment to buy with very tight criteria in Sydney's eastern suburbs during the two weeks we were back in Sydney late last year. We live in New York City.  Michael rose to the challenge and worked with us tirelessly searching for properties off and on the market, resulting in successfully finding and negotiating the apartment that met our very strict buying criteria in the area of our choice.  He has deep knowledge of the eastern suburbs property market and is very well connected.

Michael also introduced us to a property management company that we have been working with since. We highly recommend Michael if you are living overseas or in Sydney and need a professional buyers agent to search, locate and negotiate your property purchase. Thank you Michael.

- Yong and Raymond Kwok 
Raymond Kwok.png
Michael Kelly is a fantastic Buyer's Agent! He listened to exactly what we were looking for and found us a great property "off market" that we never would have secured without him and his contacts. He was extremely professional and has great communication skills, keeping us informed on properties at all times.

I really appreciated his honesty and advice when considering properties, he is an extremely experienced buyers agent with such a wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend his services and will continue to use him for all of our future purchases!

- Thomas Miller
Living overseas makes it very difficult to buy real estate in Australia. We needed someone who was trustworthy and someone who would work hard for us on our side. We were recommended Michael to negotiate the property on our behalf.
Michael worked hard to buy it before auction, knowing the property was in demand. He came very close to buying it before auction. On auction day my sister was there and 6 other parties were bidding for this very popular home in the eastern suburbs. It was difficult to be on the phone but Michael’s expertise, experience and calmness during the auction was a great relief. This helped us win the property ahead of everyone else. Having hired a professional negotiator made us confident in an industry we knew nothing about and we felt made the purchase much easier than if we had have been on our own. This is definitely a service I would use again and recommend to others, Michael was worth every cent!


- Christine Lennon
and Cathy Nixon 
Being an expat made the process of researching and buying an investment property in Sydney very difficult. I had a reasonable knowledge of the areas I was looking
to enter, but obviously being remote (and in a time zone 10 hours away) made the task somewhat more challenging. Michael made the process significantly easier.
I engaged Michael to help me find, inspect, select and buy a unit and they did not disappoint. Starting with an assessment of my budget and requirements, through to researching properties prior to my arrival for a short visit, and then accompanying me on property inspections, they were professional, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable.
They weren’t scared to express a negative opinion about a property they didn’t like or which did not suit my investment goals. They were just as focused as me on getting the right property, not just any property.
Once Michael found the property I loved I gave him the OK and he started the negotiation process. Michael kept me fully informed throughout, and were able to assist with closing the property even though my bid was not the highest. Michael used his negotiation experience to make my offer too good for the vendor to refuse.
Michael managed the process every step of the way and I highly recommend Michael for anyone who is either overseas or even in Australia. A bit over 12 months later I am very satisfied with the property that I bought and believe that it will prove a sound investment even in tough economic times.


- Bob Lang

Madrid, Spain

Hi I’m Robert my wife Maree and I met Michael about 4 years ago and we did a strategy session with Michael. We wanted to double our passive income from our property portfolio. At the time of meeting Michael we owned 9 apartments with cashflow of approximately $145,000 dollars a year and we also owned our own home. All properties had a combined mortgage of $1,400,000 million dollars at approximately $9,000 a month mortgage repayments.
We sold our family home and used the surplus money to re invest into an additional 13 apartments to bring the total to 22 apartments and we have just bought a new family home only 5 minutes from my work for $1.7 million dollars. The big difference is our monthly positive cash flow of approximately $35,000 of other people’s money (OPM) is now paying off our mortgage on our home of approximately $11,000 per month. We had to pay the mortgage on our family home from our business.
We have worked with Michael Kelly and with his positive cash flow strategy he created for us we now own 23 properties worth over $10 million dollars with a positive cashflow of approximately $420,000 a year. Only $3 million of it is a mortgage from the bank. We couldn’t be happier.

- Robert Martin

Business Owner from Sydney

Michael Kelly's buying service is a must for people when looking to buy. Being a time-poor professional with a family, and having no time, it is very difficult to purchase a family home.
I wanted the best outcome and Michael gave me the confidence to achieve that outcome. He went above and beyond, and he achieved what I wanted and more. He managed to save me so much more than his minimal fee. I will not buy another property without Michael Kelly being involved.
Thanks again Michael, I’m glad it was you under that pressure, not me.
- John Georgas
I had been in the market to buy my first house for over 6 months! Calling agents, turning up to inspections week in, week out, hitting the paper and knowing the Courier like the back of my hand. Going to auctions without even making a bid. What a waste of time.
My first call to the Michael was late one night when I was just over it. The very next morning Michael called and arranged to meet up. We chatted for about an hour and went though my criteria, all was smooth sailing. Several suggestions were made over coffee and by the end of the week the list of properties Michael had viewed on my behalf started to accumulate.
It only took a couple of weeks before we had narrowed down some serious potentials. With finance already approved the negotiations began. I did nothing. Michael did it all! He found the right place at the right price and no we didn’t pay the advertised price!
I was able to call Michael at anytime - very early, very late. Michael was on call for us. 
Now we are in our new home and very happy. If only I knew about this sooner. Give it a go and enjoy your weekends...


- John Samway

We hired Michael to buy us a unique Prestige Apartment in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Michael was amazing within 3 weeks of sifting through property after property both on and off the market, inspection after inspection Michael found us exactly what we wanted. We fell in love with it straight away and we had to have it.
Michael underwent an extremely stressful negotiation. The owner was very emotionally attached to his home and he wanted $2,500,000 for it. After 3 weeks of negotiating Michael secured the property for us for $2,300,000. That’s an amazing saving of $200,000 dollars.
Thanks to Michael we now live in the most amazing apartment with panoramic ocean views and he did absolutely everything. We can’t thank you enough Michael.


- Scott & Raelene
Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 1.17.53 pm.png
We were really glad to be referred by our mortgage broker to Michael Kelly to help us deciding on our property investment purchases. Michael has a thorough knowledge of home building and apartment construction, townhouses etcand he knows who are the good developers with a proven track record and what is a good property investment both in Sydney and Queensland.
Michaels advice was spot on and we were very confident that we were on to a great investment with our property purchase working with Michael. We are looking to build a property portfolio with Michael.


- Sheetal and Adam Lee

My wife and I were tired of searching for a property to purchase as it was very time consuming and we did not find a property that suited our needs. 
We were introduced to Michael Kelly buy our Mortgage Broker and he did all the searching for us.
Michael quickly short listed two properties either of which we would have purchased. Michael did the calculations based on the likely returns and the property has been a very worthwhile investment. Apart from securing a property at a reasonable price, he made the purchasing process painless. Michael supervised all those who were involved in the purchase through to the completed sale.

- Theo and Carree Poulos

unnamed (1).jpg
I had been searching for a suitable investment property for over a year without success. I was referred to Michael to assist with locating a property. Michael really listened to what I was looking for and why. Michael was then able to provide a list of suitable properties which I then culled.
We then visited each of the properties over a number of weeks. Finally with Michael’s assistance I was able to negotiate an acceptable property which achieved our goals. At all times Michael was professional, patient, courteous and working for my interest.
If you need guidance or just don’t have the time to search for properties yourself I would highly recommend Michael.


- Geraldine Waters
Geraldine Waters.jpeg
Our mortgage broker referred Michael to us and it was the best thing she could have done for us. Michael was incredible as soon as we spoke with him we knew we were in the right hands.
Michael’s knowledge was incredible. He walked us through everything and checked off everything that needed to be done. He gave us the re assurance we had found a great apartment to buy.

On the day of the auction there were 9 other bidders and Michael started the auction and absolutely wiped out bidder by bidder so fast that we were the winners on the day. Michael and the valuer’s said the property is not worth more than $1,100,000 and we had a budget of $1,300,000.
We were so happy and impressed with Michael we would highly recommend Michael’s service and knowledge when buying real estate especially in the fast moving eastern suburbs of Sydney.


- Roozbeh and Mehri
Michael Kelly is a Stella's buyer’s agent, he is a true professional with a down to earth manner, and is results orientated, backed up with years of knowledge in the real estate market both in Sydney and Brisbane, which is testament to his success and longevity in the industry.  

I have used Michael’s services personally, and as a result have had NO hesitation in referring him to my clients, who have all been thrilled with his successful results.

 - Samantha Cranny, Mortgage Advisor
Samantha Cranny Grey Background.jpg
I had the opportunity to work with Michael Kelly in 2019 when my daughter was trying to buy an apartment in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. I found Michael efficient, knowledgeable, honest and understanding. He listened to us and worked with us effectively-his quick response and timely actions and great negotiating skills enabled us to buy an amazing 2 bed 1 bath apartment in Double Bay.

We are based in Newcastle and it was great to have Michael working on our behalf in Sydney. We used the full search, locate and negotiate service. I highly recommend Michael and would be delighted to work with him again if the opportunity arose.

 - Dr Usha Pavarthy
Dr Usha Parvathy.JPG
A developer friend of ours referred us to Michael Kelly and said Michael was the guy you need to work with as he has a large network of connections and has been buying development sites for me, for many years now.

Well our friend was right about Michael within 1 week of signing with Michael he showed us 3 homes that matched our buying brief and we fell in love with 2 of them. We dismissed one and Michael negotiated the purchase of our 4 bed 4 bath 2 car house in Bronte with amazing water views…

Michael negotiated a below market offer and a 6 month settlement and it is now worth about $1 million dollars more than what we paid for it…If your looking to buy a family home you need Michael on your side, we couldn’t have been happier with the house we purchased and the price we paid…Thank you Mike.

- Damon Hanlon
Moving to Sydney for work opportunities and with no knowledge of the city and the suburbs, I initially encountered many frustrations in identifying and securing a residence. With a recommendation from a friend to speak with Michael my frustrations and fears were quickly diminished as I found the service provided by Michael Kelly was both professional and personable.
Michael was reliable in providing the ‘leg work’ in finding a suitable home, and also took all the stress and angst out of the whole buying process of securing a property. They negotiated the purchase of the property with a very difficult real estate agent and vendors. We will always use Michael to buy our future properties - we got the perfect house with a huge discount of $60,000. My wife and I are now very happy in our new place of residence and this is all due to the incredible service provided by Michael


- Damien and Xenia Cotter
Buying my first property was going to be a very difficult process as I have never done this before.
Michael’s negotiation service appealed to me as I felt having a property negotiator would give me the confidence and knowledge I needed to get the best possible result. Other buyers missed out on the property because of Michael’s skill in negotiating a property in high demand. I used an expert and I was the successful purchaser - simple as that!
Once I found the property, Michael commenced the negotiation with the agent. Michael kept me fully informed and his skills and determination saved me over $20,000.
Michael’s fees were so cost effective when you compare it to what he saved me.
If you are in the market to buy, I wholeheartedly recommend you use him and his company to negotiate and let the experts do their thing!


- Jane Stanley
Living overseas makes it very difficult to buy real estate in Australia. We needed someone who was trustworthy and someone who would work hard for us on our side. We were recommended Michael to negotiate the property on our behalf.
Michael worked hard to buy it before auction, knowing the property was in demand. He came very close to buying it before auction. On auction day my sister was there and 6 other parties were bidding for this very popular home in the eastern suburbs. It was difficult to be on the phone but Michael’s expertise, experience and calmness during the auction was a great relief. This helped us win the property ahead of everyone else. Having hired a professional negotiator made us confident in an industry we knew nothing about and we felt made the purchase much easier than if we had have been on our own. This is definitely a service I would use again and recommend to others, Michael was worth every cent!


- Kieran & Melissa Hansen


Michael took all the fuss and hard work out of buying my first home. As a young woman I felt more confident about the whole process knowing I had someone helping me and doing all the negotiating on my behalf.
Michael made it a completely stress free experience for me and kept me informed and in control throughout the whole experience and on top of all that he saved me money! Michael is a great honest person who provide's a fantastic service and I have no hesitations in recommending Michaels services to anyone in the property market

- Kate Williams

I would like to thank you for your commitment and dedication towards finding my dream home. You took the stress out of not only buying the property and dealing with the solicitors and agents but also arranged an excellent finance package suited to my needs. Your customer service goes beyond any experience I have ever had.
You kept me well informed at all times to ensure that I ended up with a beautiful home at a bargain price. Rest assured, I will be recommending you to friends and family.
Thanks again, how can I ever repay you!!


- Lisa Taliana

We have been buying, subdividing, building and selling real estate for 20 years now. We live up in the Hunter Valley area. We hired Michael to search, evaluate and negotiate a property for us as a family home when we were in Sydney. As Michael knows the Sydney real estate market like the back of his hand, he went in to negotiate with the real estate agent and the result was amazing, to say the least.
The negotiation took about 6 days of offers and counter offers in battle with the agent. Michael negotiated the property down from $1,350,000 to an incredible $1,175,000 saving us a whopping $175,000! If you are looking to buy a property make sure Michael is looking after your property buying needs. If you‘re not using him you’ll pay more than you have to.


- Ray & Jenny

I had spent a good 12 months searching for a place, getting frustrated and disappointed with the whole buying process. Then life gets in the way so you stop searching. I sat with Michael and he listened to my frustrations and concerns and got me back on track. Within 10 days Michael had found the unit of my dreams. I couldn’t believe it. The asking price was out of my budget and Michael negotiated it down to a price that was in my budget. I could never have done that in a million years.
Michael also negotiated blinds for the unit for free. WOW! Michael made the buying experience so easy. They did everything for me, liaised with the mortgage broker, building and pest inspector, solicitors and they even drove the contract to me to sign at my office. I could not have done any of that that whilst holding down a very busy professional work life.
Without Michael I would be still searching and I would never have found such an amazing unit like Michael did for me. My friends cannot believe how amazing my unit is for the price I paid. They all say I stole it.
Michael lived up to his claims and certainly saved me time stress and money. I can’t wait to get home from work these days to my unit. I wish I had used Michael from the very beginning!


- Natasha Newman
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