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When there is a set price, a price range or prior to the auction we can negotiate the best price, terms and conditions, one on one, with the agent on your behalf. 


Once you have emotionally connected with a property and want to purchase it – call in the experts to negotiate. Collectively we have been negotiating the property for over 40 years.  It's what we do day in, day out.


We find out all the facts to give us the necessary information to get you the biggest discount or secure the property ahead of all the other buyers such as: 

  1. Establishing the true market value of the property with help from our independent Valuers, who helps us find out what it’s really worth. 

  2. Researching the sales and advertising history of the property you want to buy, including how long it’s been on the market for, using our property information system which provides us with detailed data about the sales and advertising history of every property in Australia. 

  3. Finding out if it has been to auction and passed in one or more times with different real-estate companies. 

  4. Finding out how many real estate agents the seller has hired to sell the property. If it is more than one this tells us that there is a greater opportunity to get a huge discount. (Some buyers may have seen this property for the first time and could end up paying more for the property because of the lack of information that we have access to). 

  5. Establishing why the owner is selling the property. This information is very important to see if the seller is motivated, which means potential discounts or in fact, they are actually going to sell the property. We have specific questions we ask the agent to help us find out this information.

  6. Speaking with the selling agent who gives us a lot more information about the property than they would give a normal buyer. They understand we are serious buyers and this means they are closer to getting their commission. Remember the majority of real estate agents earn their living by selling as many properties as possible. 

  7. We implement our plan – Based on all the facts we have uncovered, we are now in a position to put our plan into action and submit written offers, or a signed contract with a deposit cheque to the selling agent with your approval. 

  8. Now we start the skillful job of negotiating back and forth with the agent to buy the property at the biggest discount possible and also getting the best terms and conditions for you. For example, a delayed settlement, a 5% deposit instead of a 10% deposit, or a 5 day or longer cooling-off period, and many more conditions depending on your needs. 

  9. We can organize all strata, building and pest inspections and liaise with your solicitor/conveyancer and your bank or mortgage broker to get the deal over the line with the least amount of stress for you. 

  10. After we are successful in negotiating the purchase of the property, we move quickly to take the property off the market. We arrange for the contracts to be signed by both the seller and you the purchaser. We need to exchange the contracts as quickly as possible. Up until the contracts exchanging, the property is still on the market and you can be ‘gazumped’, which means someone else can put a higher offer in and you can lose the property. 

  11. Once we get Offer & Acceptance, working with your solicitor we get the contracts to you for signing. Then we deliver the contracts to the selling agent or solicitors to have the property formally exchanged.  Often this occurs after hours.. 

The seller has the agent on their team – who is on your side PROTECTING your hard earned money, negotiating hard against the seller when buying a property? 






Victoria St Potts Point  Property Purchase.
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