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Full Search, Locate and Negotiate Service right up till you get your keys to your new family home, apartment or investment property.


1. We meet with you and evaluate your specific buying needs and wants and I then locate properties that fit your buying criteria which include off-market, pre-market, on-market and post-market. I do all the searching for you.


2. We assist you in determining the amount that you can afford and show you the appropriate properties in your price bracket.

3. We assist in viewing the properties with you – accompanying you on the showings, also previewing properties on your behalf to ensure your buying criteria is met before you inspect them.

4. We research the specific properties to identify any problems or issues for you so you can make an informed decision prior to submitting an offer to purchase the property.


5. We make sure you have had the contract checked by the solicitor and if there are any changes to be made to the contract prior to putting in an offer to purchase.


6. We will liaise with your mortgage broker to double check what your budget is for the auction and that all financial paperwork has been completed. 


7. We also check to see if you have completed a strata report if you’re buying an apartment, or townhouse and if your buying a house, terrace or semi that you have conducted a building and pest inspection.


8. If required will we have an independent valuation conducted on the property.

9. We advise you on structuring an appropriate offer to purchase the selected property and discuss what price we put on the offer/contract..

10. We negotiate and present your offer to the seller’s agent and/or the seller on your behalf to buy the specified property and to secure it in your favour ahead of the other buyers.

11.  We provide a list of potential qualified service providers (e.g. movers, accountants, solicitors etc) if these services are needed.

12. Most importantly – FULLY oversee you throughout the entire real estate transaction.


13. Once I have negotiated and purchased the property on your behalf, I work with you right up until you settle the property and receive the keys to your new property. I am always there for you even after settlement. 


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